Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

Development of English language education in Indonesia (Perkembangan pendidikan Bahasa Inggris di Indonesia)

English is now taught at the earliest time in Indonesia. English language has been introduced in elementary school. Along the globalization of the world that demands proficiency in English to all people of all nations in the world. Without mastering the English language, one can not communicate with other people in other countries. That's why, English education has previously taught in elementary school.Previously, the English language was first taught in junior high school. This will be the end for children to learn English at that age. In fact, the study says that learning English will be better and more effectively taught in the previous period of time.In Indonesia, English language education in primary schools is very poor. Subject to subject status only locally. This is not included in the national subjects, important subject. English in primary schools do not have a clear curriculum and syllabus. And was taught by incompetence and unqualified teachers. Teachers do not have a certificate of graduation in English. Learning English so far, does not reach the optimal output as taught without proper planning. There is no support from the government about English education in elementary school. The government still does not provide a standard curriculum and syllabus. There are many teachers who are confused about how to teach English in elementary school.There are many elementary schools that teach English. But their English is taught without proper planning, without a good curriculum syllabus of the Master. Eventually they teach that they could have been. They do not care whether it's right or wrong. So many unqualified teachers are confused as to teach, how to pronounce certain words, sentences. What poor education. In fact, this is the actual condition of English language education, especially in elementary school in Indonesia.The question is, Why does the Indonesian government let this happen? As we know that English in elementary school is the foundation of learning. If taught by an unqualified teacher who does not have an educational background in English, it will be fatal. Teachers will give a false concept of the English language materials. And it's also boring if teachers do not master the correct method of teaching English. Finally the students are taught, will give an incorrect response and false image that the UK is not an attractive thing.Ideally, English should be taught by qualified teachers. The Indonesian government must give a clear and precise standards of the English language curriculum and syllabus in primary schools. Government should recruit qualified English teachers. In addition, the government should support the learning of English language teaching in primary schools.We hope that the English education in Indonesia, particularly in primary schools will be managed as English in the current era is very important. Early success in the future will continue. Indonesia must change. Education, English proficiency must be achieved earlier. It would be too late if English is introduced at the junior high. We hope the people of Indonesia can speak English, so the Indonesian people can communicate, compete with others in various countries around the world

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